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About Get Real America

Get Real America (GRA) is the media project of AmeriChinn Company, aiming to let more English speakers hear the voice of the Chinese community. Although the Chinese in North America now make a decent money, Western mainstream media still don’t treat our voice seriously, and for some important issues they almost ignore us.

GRA promotes non-propaganda opinions to build the harmonious relationship between the Chinese community and other ethnic groups, to elevate the political status of Chinese in North America, and to broadcast good traditional Chinese culture, such as strong family values, healthy food to the Western world.

We’ve got great support from a lot of Chinese community organizations and businesses. Some English journalists also assist us with their experience, skills, and networks.

Our editorial team welcome your submissions: editors@getrealamerica.org

Let’s express ourselves in English and never be a silent group any more!

For Putting ADs please contact: sales@getrealamerica.org

真正的美国”(GRA: Get Real America) 是 AmeriChinn公司 的英文媒体项目,旨在让更多说英语者能听到华人社区的声音。虽然北美的华人现在有不错的收入,但西方主流媒体仍然不严肃对待我们的声音,对于一些重要问题他们几乎不理会我们。






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