In 2018  AI 2.0 will hit the markets. The features of AI 2.0 include the analysis of the business patterns, and the possibility to revamp in finance/ banking industry approach to the investments and risks. A consumers will be able to have better advice and their appetite of investment patterns in their portfolio and possibilities. Conglomerates like Apple and Amazon will have further advancement in Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa offerings. The Chinese Alibaba company aggressively working towards enhancement for their consumers with Artificial Intelligence utilization. The Generation 4 data centers will become IT networks within next 2 years. AI impact and revolutionazation of the health care records and analysis.

Cryptocurrency will benefit within platform stability and further stabilize the market, providing less of a pendulum swing from increase and decrease in its value, blockchain growth and enhancement of the internal performance functions. An escalation of digital ransoms and financial trojans frequency will create additional need for the skilled workers as companies will use increased diligence of their cyber operations.

Conflicts in Africa are forecasted to continue evolving with the mobilizations of the technological warfare methods amelioration. Moreover, China demonstrates appended strategic interest in the African continent from opening a base in Djibouti to aiding in building infrastructure in the region. Some strategic moves by China include providing support to UN missions, hence the job opportunities in AI will also be available in the region in the near future. Interestingly, China is willing to commit $100,000,000 US dollars in the military aide to the African Union. Currently 68 African nations have business dealings with China.

XI Jinping and Chinese government unveiled in the previous year strategy to be a global leader of the year 2030 in AI. One of the top Universities in China, providing education necessary is Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Eric Schmidt, executive Chairman of Google Alphabet in U.S.A. spoke in November 2017 at the Artificial Intelligence and Security Summit in Washington D.C. declared shortage and limited talent available in the field praising Chinese and Iranian trained AI specialists achievements and his desire to hire them for Google Alphabet and in other American based companies. The top 5 US producers of AI specialists are Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.; MIT, Cambridge, MA.; University of California, Berkley; Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.. An average starting salary in America for a recent grad is close to $300,000, opportunity to make millions increases within 5 years in the field.

During the Artificial Intelligence and Security Summit it was discussed further integration of algorithms in the defense field, as robots can automatically control, surveillance without interruption and have the capabilities of immediate reporting of any changes of the pattern via analysis, whilst slowly fazing out human operators.

Last year the launch of Project Maven and its core mission to establish an Algorhytmic Warfare Cross-functional team, including new AI algorithms for the drones. It would be possible in the near future to have one programmer controlling the whole robot armies and conflicts taking on a new dimension, however Stephen Hawking, Canadian and Australian researchers are speaking out against the robotic armies due to possibility of dangerously loosing control by humans and parallel world, where the possibility of humans being unsafe from own analysis done by Robots. With technological advancement robotic artificial brain is almost equivalent to the human brain.

An interesting book was published in the latter of the 2017 “Future War” by Robert Latiff, the book scenario is a hypothetical war scenario, however AI possibilities in reality and future career opportunities resemble realistic futuristic world. In short synopsis the program forces turbines in the electrical Station to move and shutdown of the electrical grid and crippling of the Wall Street stock exchange, whilst creating chaos and collapse, whilst in real life scenarios reiterates the need of the specialists in AI to prevent of possibility of such occurring. The book quotes Chinese analytical works for 20 years and its precise accuracy the future will be needed protection from hackers, financial crimes with AI usage and robots, who will be able to maintain their cool under any stress or heated scenarios, hence nations need to focus to protect themselves of such attacks and the involvement of such warfare.

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