This sobering statement capstones the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist’s website. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (BAS) is a collective of scientists that measure the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the posturing of these weapon holders on the current global stage. The BAS maintains what is known as the Doomsday Clock. The hands on the Doomsday Clock are moved closer to the midnight position after analysis is performed to determine the risks facing humanity from nuclear weapons and war. Once the Doomsday clock chimes midnight, the BAS believes that humanity will be on an irreversible crash-course towards nuclear annihilation.

The BAS was founded shortly after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the close of World War II. Concerned scientists wanted to share with the world, using a universal medium like a clock, just how close mankind is towards total nuclear destruction. Each minute hand that is closer to midnight means the closer towards we are to an apocalypse.

As the title and header stated, we are at two minutes to midnight. Mankind has not  been this close to quantifiable catastrophe since the US developed the hydrogen bomb in 1948.

One of the prevailing pieces of current history that the BAS used to determine the minute hand moving on the Doomsday Clock was the intense rhetoric between the US and North Korea during 2017. Many analysts in the world’s various intelligence communities see Eastern Asia as the global flash point for nuclear war. China, of course, has a major role in determining how and if a nuclear holocaust will originate from this region.

Analysts in the US defense field see China as the “sleeping dragon” that could be awaken, and turn the tide in tensions between North Korea, and the US. As the world’s second largest economy, and third largest military, China has the ability to effect real peace in Asia.

Russia also plays a huge role in the assumed potential future nuclear armageddeon. Because of a myriad of factors, Putin’s Russia may walk away from the the INF; causing a new arms race which has not been seen since the Cold War. China also has the ability to mitigate a new arms race spearheaded by two super powers that are potentially heading towards posture that could destroy us all. China can also secure the South China Sea. It is within their grasp.

One thing is certain, some of the world’s top scientists believe we are facing a global threat and it is imminent. What these same scientists agree on is that this threat can be dialed back. Global leaders all have their parts to play.

The US should open up talks with North Korea.

The US should offer incentives for the Russians to stay in the INF, and avoid a new arms race.

In both these scenarios, China has the ability to act as an intermediary. China has the ability to assist in leading mankind away from destruction.

To emphasize the point, It is now two minutes to midnight.

Christina Kitova

Twitter @CarticulusMedia