The eternal quest for total spectrum dominance continues to play out on the world stage. Now, more than ever, swelling populations and technology have nation states fiercely competing for finite resources. The world’s largest states and actors (USA-Canada, Russia, China, India, and the UK) are the players striving for control of said resources.

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The presidency of Donald Trump may alter the current status, and strategies of the United States. With previous US presidents, America maintained amicable relationships with NATO and the UN; including being one of the biggest contributors to the organization and supporter. Key among the factors that may change the US’s supreme global status Trump’s approach towards Israel.  Global relations may be strained due to US-Israel alliance and a forceful push for the recognition of Jerusalem being the capital of Israel.

Now we have a triangle, USA-Russia, Russia-China, USA-China, followed by Russia -European Union the relationship is strained due to sanctions on the West Side and seems to be going amicable on the Eastern side minus Poland and Ukraine.

One can argue US plays a role in the European market destabilization, plus Britain additive with Brexit, Britain and US were always allies and continue to do so, however the relationship seems to be complicated as US President Donald Trump continues his protectionist antics. It is also one to watch as depending on further development the atmosphere can get problematic and could affect international relations not just with UK but with Western Europe.

Britain and Russia always had strained relationship since the days of the Empires, including Crimean War ending in 1856, defeating Russia via an alliance with France and Ottoman Empire involvement, hence many Russian dissidents being legit or not tend to favor UK for their asylum.

Canada, Australia, New Zealand will continue with alliances on the geopolitical scale not much changing within British Colonies.

The Iran, Russia partnership continues to blossom, especially given the fact current administration rescinded on the terms brokered by the previous president of the US Barack Obama. Allowing Russia to get a stronger hold of providing loyalty to the nation.

The interesting one to watch is Russia-Venezuela and Gazprom deeper advancement within the nation and gaining a stronghold in the oil resources.

Russia-China has a strong relationship at this time and The Belt initiative will continue to bring mutual trade interests, however as much as it is symbiotic, there are also conflicting interests at play nevertheless.

Lets break down the top players Geopolitical interests:

Ambitious plans to eventually Get Yuan to be the reserve currency, currency it does have an alternate status.


Desire to gain more geopolitical control, hence their partnership with Syria and support from Iran if necessary.

Turkey seems to be favouring Russia as well.

Free transit in China and Europe of their exports and continue building amicable trade deals in Asia and Latin America.

Crude and gas alliances with Iran, Venezuela, some African nations.

Furthering unions within further republics on trade, partnerships.

Defense products sales to India, Africa.

In Conclusion every nation has its own ambitions within 3 strong contenders for the Control of the world, only time will tell if alliances will work and how isolationism fares on the global arena, as history tends to repeat itself, the results could be unnerving.

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Christina Kitova Twitter @CarticlusMedia