Dear Friends of the Media and San Franciscans,

We invite you to join us at the housing policy public hearing in Sacramento tomorrow 04/25/2019, regarding AB 36 COSTA HAWKINS REFORM, AB 1482 ANTI RENT-GOUGING and AB 1481 JUST CAUSE EVICTION.

The truth is that none of these three laws will solve the housing shortage in California. Over the past few decades, California’s population has grown, but housing units have not been built to meet the demand. To meet the needs of our growing population, we must build 3.5 to 4 million housing units ( At a time when rent and cost of living are rising, state and local governments must use existing funds wisely to support Californians. Every year, $28 billion dollars of hard-earned taxpayer money is spent sheltering more than 3 million illegal immigrants. To alleviate the housing crisis, law and order must be enforced and our elected officials must follow the Constitution. Californian dollars should be spent to support Californian citizens, especially those struggling to put a roof over their heads, not illegal immigrants.

邀请你上二埠加州州政府大楼,反对十号提案重演.不想以后没房住,请参加反对收紧房源的法案。AB36 (Bloom)导致新屋停建;AB1482(Chiu)导致出租屋无法维修;AB1481(Bonta) 导致老年人无法租到屋,业主无法收屋自住.

  • Date: Thursday, April 25, 2019

  • Time: 9am to 12noon

  • Location: California State Capitol, 10th and L Streets, Sacramento, CA 95814

Ellen is a registered mayoral candidate for November 2019 election. Ellen was one of the eight mayoral candidates for June 2018 special election. Ellen has been a San Francisco resident for 33 years. Ellen has been working as a San Francisco government Social Worker for more than 15 years. Ellen is union representative for government employees. Ellen currently serves as the Director of Public Relations for the California Civil Grand Juror Association, San Francisco Chapter. Her experience shares first hand and closer look at California’s ongoing social problems. Paid for by Ellen Lee Zhou for Mayor 2019 FPPC # 1414996 Financial discloses are available at

Ellen Lee Zhou for Mayor 2019 FPPC # 1414996 Financial discloses are available at

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