The futurists all agree;  electronics, artificial intelligence, cyber warfare are the new normal for warfare.

As we have seen before, and will continue to see, science fiction movies and video games will continue to aide in shaping the future of defense and warfare. 

Cooperatively, social media played a role in the inception of the first NavyCon, due to the discussions of military personnel and gamers aficionados concluding similarities of the military direction and utilization of very same scenarios as portrayed in the games. An event took place closer to the end of 2017, consequently experts discussed and drawn parallels betwixt cinema sci-fi-fi genre, war style video games. An anticipated video game expected to be released this year with futuristic scenario is Metro: Exodus by 4A Studios in the apocalyptic Russia with deadly combat and furtiveness.

Interestingly US Major General J. Marcus Hicks was one of the trailblazers in developing the Operation Overmatch game, making its availability for all US military members, including active recruitment to play the game. It is a pilot by US Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC), designed to improve combat readiness capabilities and future component of the defense training. The crossover from video games to the real life scenarios will continue to be the theme and focus including strategic investments. The date of the NavyCon event has not been announced as of yet.

A US major defense contractor, Raytheon Company presently at the prototype development stage of the simulator with capabilities of large number of simulated Multi-Domain Battle in the virtual environment. Such solidifies the changing shape of defense specialists and further migration to the electronics and virtual reality technology infused with Artificial intelligence.

Chinese military’ seem to be keen on playing Honor of Kings battle game for mobile phones, it is reported to be the most popular game of 2017 in China. The same game revamped Arena of Valor is getting released this month in North America by Tencent.

Drones are progressing and evolving. The first two mentions of the drones was in the sci-fi genre movie plot  Back to the future II in 1989. In the movie a criminal being detained by the law enforcement, consequently media utilizes a drone to capture the event via video. An award winning  Mahajer (The immigrant) cinema picture produced in Iran released in the 1989 futures a character controlling smaller plane to detect the front line during a conflict.

Furthermore, the first time USA used drones in military operations was in 2002 in Afghanistan operations.

Currently, the focus shifted on the swarm drones, allowing enhanced capabilities against an enemy.

Last year, China introduced the world’ largest 119 drone swarm beating US previously held record. The technology was developed by Chinese Electronics Technology Group. 

South Korea announced plans to create defense division specifically to the killer drone swarm operations.

Forthwith, Drones makes 40.8% market share in Asia. Global future sales predicted to exceed 133 billion US dollars within the 10 year span.

NASA new proposal includes a robotic drone sent to titan for the explorations of the Saturn’ largest moon.

Lastly, US military’ plan to test 3D print drone parts and production, including customazation to the specific mission.

In conclusion, Global technology continues to evolve and the futuristic video games simulated scenarios are becoming parallels  of the military theatre and operations of the future.

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